Community Notebook

12 years ago

Patten Woman’s Club

    The Patten Woman’s Club met Tues, May 22 at Mt. Chase Lodge. Our new president, Jeanine Bertone accepted her post, Julie Buhler will be our vice president.
The club will sponsor the Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 28 and we will have a float in the Patten Pioneer Days parade in August. No meetings until September.

Garden Plots available

Garden plots will be available this summer in a new location just east of the original community garden, behind SAD 29 in Houlton. There will be a $10 fee for maintenance of plots. For more information, contact Jay Clark at 532-7125.

Attends graduation

    Bonnie Stone, Maxine Morris, Linda Drake, Larry Ross and Kristen Dubois spent Saturday in Augusta to attend the graduation of Emily Rae Stone from Kennebec Valley Community College. Stone received her degree in radiological technology. Her father, Chris Stone, from Clarksville, Tenn., was unable to attend due to a recent surgery.

Ricker Rumblings
by Lois Downing

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday weekend. They come and go so fast, there is barely time to enjoy. We are having a talk on bedbug training. Yes, you read right! Once you get them, they are hard to get rid of, I’ve heard. Tell you more about it, after I attend the talk on Friday.
Sylvia Thompson of Ricker Plaza and husband Donnie, a resident of Madigan House, had their daughter Leanne of Brewer and son Daniel of Winterport visit on Mother’s Day and went out for dinner.
We had a wonderful RSVP dinner (Southern Region) at a church in Island Falls. Receiving honors for 20 years were Catherine Bell, Marion Hoar, Joyce Hughes and Helena Porter; 15 years, Robert Locke and Eva Perry; 10 years, Bernice Campbell, Mildred Gagnon, Charlotte and Don Marley, Lawrence and Peggy Sanders. What a great group of volunteers.
We had a delicious dinner with several helpers. Especially helpful was Don Marley. I told Don he put on several miles that day! Nice gifts went to the lucky winners and we thank all those who were involved in making this a wonderful event for the volunteers and helpers.
Some of the ladies connected with other tenants here at the plaza and had a lovely time on Sunday afternoon. There was dancing, singing and playing games and good food was provided by several of the ladies. Another one is coming up so plan on being there for a nice afternoon. Please watch the bulletin board.
All of us were pleased with the opening of the new store, County Yankee. Especially happy were tenants about the pharmacy. The store is well planned and is a blessing to the community. Isn’t the weather wonderful? We are having many days for sitting outdoors and we thank the weatherman for that.
Dorothy Weston is home after being a resident at Madigan Nursing Home Facility for a few weeks. Dot is happy to be home and so are her neighbors. We take this time to wish Lillian Stairs at Houlton Regional Hospital a big hello and wish her a happy day.
On Thursday, May 31, we will be celebrating all May birthdays in the community room. Come celebrate your May birthday with us and enjoy.
About angels: Let an angel into your life, and joy and comfort will follow you wherever you go. The gospel quote is: ‘’In every way I have shown you that in hard work…we must help the weak.’’ (Acts 20:35) Have a wonderful week, safe and healthy.