Why horses?

12 years ago

Why horses?

To the editor:

    Why horses? Especially during these hard economic times when food, shelter and gas are on everyone’s mind, Why horses? Because their positive effect on humans can improve lives, often with better results than conventional means of assisted services. From greater self and social awareness and sensory issues to physical therapy and improving coordination. In the physical and emotional realm, horses help us find balance. If your life is not balanced, where are you then?

    Equine services are sought for interest, recreation and therapy all over Aroostook County. To assist special needs participants, Manes and Tails (MT) non profit awards scholarship funds toward tuition or donations to facilities offering services. Recently MT approved over $600 to support participants from St. Agatha to Fort Fairfield, expecting many more requests as the weather warms.

    Where does the money come from? Most of the scholarship funds available at this time have come from the MT bottle drive, where thousands of bottles have been donated to the cause.

    The buzz in Caribou these days is “Barn Dance,” another MT fundraiser, slated for Saturday, June 2, from 4-9 p.m.

    Tracy Thibodeau of Equine Inspirations Learning Center, is preparing to host the event at her farm on the Plante Rd.

    So providing services with horses is a lot of work? Yes. Why do we do it? Positive feedback from participants.

    Find out more: Visit a local barn or Perfect Ponies Learning Center, 489 Main St, Van Buren on any Saturday 1-3 p.m. through June 9. It’s open house ‘brush hours’ and you can watch them (horses/ponies), brush, hug them, find out more about “horses healing humans,” Manes and Tails, or just what to wear at a farm during mud season.

Nancy Dumond Violette

Manes and Tails

Van Buren