12 years ago



Staff photo/Kathy McCarty

      Motorists traveling Main Street through the heart of Presque Isle last week may have noticed a few new signs and posts have been installed between State and Academy streets to raise awareness of the two crosswalks along that stretch of street.

  The signs were installed following a recent detail by the Presque Isle Police Department that looked for drivers who failed to give pedestrians the right-of-way. Each sign, not including the orange posts, costs in excess of $300 but city officials consider it an investment in public safety. Officials  are hoping to install additional signs at other locations throughout the city, as money becomes available. In the meantime, police will continue to monitor downtown traffic and encourage pedestrians to use marked crosswalks whenever possible. The signs and posts should not impede traffic, since they have been bolted to the ground along the yellow line marking the midpoint of the road.