County businesses reduce expenses, emissions with energy efficient technologies

12 years ago

    From optimizing existing systems to designing never-before-seen custom systems, Aroostook County businesses are utilizing energy efficiency services in a variety of ways. Here are three examples designed by Mechanical Services:
• Graves Shop n’ Save in Presque Isle recently received an Environmental Leader designation from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection for efforts it made toward making the store a greener, more environmentally-friendly location. One effort in particular has had a significant impact on reducing the store’s carbon emissions and lowering electricity costs. Mechanical Services replaced inefficient refrigeration compressors and controls with variable-speed compressors that run only when cooling is needed. This one improvement is projected to keep more than 350,000 cubic tons of greenhouse gas out of the air and save the store almost $40,000 each year in electricity and maintenance costs.
• In Houlton, an energy audit of the Houlton Regional Hospital revealed the boilers weren’t operating as efficiently as possible. Mechanical Services designed and installed new high-efficiency systems featuring two Webster burners and Autoflame computerized combustion controls. The improvements save the hospital about $20,000 a year in fuel costs and $10,000 a year in electricity costs. Beyond financial benefits, the hospital is helping to keep about 100,000 cubic tons of carbon dioxide out of the air.
• The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a federal weather agency, hired Mechanical Services to revamp the HVAC system at its Caribou weather station — maximizing energy efficiency and prolonging equipment life. The existing geothermal system was inadequate and consistently plagued with technical problems. Mechanical Services modified the building’s heating system and installed state-of-the-art air-to-air heat pumps, air-sourced free cooling equipment and updated the existing geothermal well. These modifications allowed the facility to maintain its federal “green” status and made this NOAA facility one of the most energy-efficient facilities in the country. It’s a completely carbon-free facility with zero emissions.
    Chris Green, owner and president of Mechanical Services, believes these types of capital improvements are not only the trend here in Maine, but a necessary means for helping Maine businesses thrive.
    “We’ve installed energy-efficient HVAC equipment and controls all over Aroostook County,” said Green. “Business owners understand the costs and benefits of implementing new technologies to reduce fuel and electricity expenses. “
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