From our Files: Headlines from 100 years of local news

12 years ago

100 Years Ago-June 5, 1912
The Aroostook Times

    Good Roads, Better Future — A front-page guest editorial by Lyman H. Nelson of the State Highway Commission urged Houlton area voters to support a $2 million bond issue to build and maintain Maine’s road network. “The improvement of highways generally throughout Maine will be the greatest physical asset this State can possibly have. Maine is at present far behind other states in this direction, and the State of Maine because of its great farming communities, beautiful lake, river and shore scenery will benefit more by the development of highways than any other state in the Union,” he wrote.
    Hodgdon news — Mrs. Percy Perrigo resigned as Governor of the United Order of Pilgrim Fathers Colony and was replaced by Uberto Tidd for the remainder of the term.
    Close call — Mrs. Lewis Schillinger of Dyer Brook had a narrow escape from being struck by lightning, Thursday, she having stepped across the road to a neighbor’s when her house was struck by lightning, damaging it so that they were obliged to move.
    Big plans for park — After several meetings at which nothing was accomplished, the directors of the Houlton Agricultural Society and the directors of the Houlton Base Ball Association met Monday evening and reached a very satisfactory arrangement, whereby a place to play ball has been secured for the season. The Ag Society will build a base ball diamond and a grand stand to accommodate 500 people for which the Base Ball Assn. is to pay a rental of $225 per year.
    Circus is coming — The Sparks World-Famous Shows traveling circus was coming to Houlton featuring “perfect specimens of the earth’s most curious creatures including an immense herd of wonderfully trained elephants and two groups of forest-bred, man-killing lions.” Also, a grand, free, Street Parade would be held each day at noon.
    New service — George H. Tabor & Co. have just placed in front of their store on the curb a very convenient and up-to-date Bowser Gasolene pump making it possible for an autoist to drive up to the curbing and in one minute get a supply of filtered gasolene without any trouble.
75 Years Ago-June 10, 1937
Houlton Pioneer Times

    New Hospital — The formal opening of the new Milliken Memorial Hospital in Island Falls has been announced by the Governing Directors of the facility. The date of the affair was carefully chosen to make it possible for Maine’s ex-Governor Carl E. Milliken of New York to attend the dedication ceremonies.
Pioneer Times file photo/1937
BS-FromFiles-dc2-pt-23FUTURE FARMERS — Howard Bates, left, and Claude Hutchinson, studying agriculture in Houlton High School, recently were tied for first place in the potato contest for Aroostook County. Bates’ six-acre plot yielded 970 barrels of spuds while Hutchinson’s three-acre field resulted in 546 barrels.

    Go east, young men — A group of Westerners, driven from their farms by the drought, dust and wind storms, are now in Maine, according to a letter received at the local Post Office this week. Because the group was unacquainted with anyone in the state of Maine, they chose to address their communication to the Houlton Postmaster for information as to the availability of land for sale.
    To teach, coach here — Woodrow W. Peabody, teacher/coach at Orono High School the past two years, will occupy a similar position in Houlton to assist Mr. Tibbetts in athletics. A 1930 HHS graduate, Mr. Peabody played baseball four years and was a member of the football squad at Colby College.
50 Years Ago-June 7, 1962
Houlton Pioneer Times

    Farm for Boys — The opening of the “Homestead Farm for Boys,” owned by the Herman Porter family and located in Porter Settlement, means the inauguration of Maine’s newest and most original summer youth establishment. The boys, according to Director Paul Porter, formerly of the Lawrenceville (N.J.) School, will be fully incorporated into the routines and pleasures of the farm in all of its phases.
    Going-away party — Elwood Scott, principal of the Littleton Consolidated School, was honored with a special sendoff at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Milner before assuming his new stewardship at Houlton High School in the fall.
    League champs — Hodgdon High captured their first-ever Katahdin Valley League baseball title with a 9-1 record. Playing for coach Donald Oliver’s Hawks were Brian Nightingale, Gary Scott, Gary Stewart, Alan Quint, Frank Day, Paul Sjoberg, Ernest Keaton, Robert Christie, Ron Williams, Clarence Keaton and manager George Merritt.
    Extra haircut incentives — Chester Bates offered coffee and doughnuts “served occasionally” at his Barber Shop located in his Sterritt St. home.
    Hideous blots on the landscape — Longtime Pioneer Times editor Bernard Esters bemoaned the abandonment of old, rusted and often wrecked automobiles along Route 1 from Houlton to East Grand Lake, where he lived during the summer. Perhaps, he wrote, a tax of $10 to $25 per vehicle would help convince some property owners to clean up their act.
25 Years Ago-June 10, 1987
Houlton Pioneer Times

    Veterans monument proposed — John Millar, representing a committee that is trying to get a memorial erected in Houlton to honor all military veterans, appeared before the Houlton Town Council, outlining the plans and suggesting that the town finance the project. Town Manager Lewis Bone suggested that the veterans organizations be the ones to pay for the cost of the monument, with the town providing the location at Pierce Park, near the entrance to the police station. Council Chairman Richard Hammond, however, said it is not necessarily the veterans’ place to pay for the monument. “The veterans have already done their bit,” he said.
    Live in the Shiretown — The Houlton Fourth of July Committee has announced that Kris Kristofferson will present a concert in Community Park as part of the holiday festivities. “Kristofferson’s appearance will be the highlight of the weekend and will provide a caliber of entertainment for Houlton audiences never before equaled,” according to Lynn York, attractions chairman.