Students recognized at Annual Academic Night at CHS

12 years ago

By Barbara Scott
Staff Writer

Organized by the members of the National Honor Society, Caribou Chapter, Caribou High School’s annual Academic Night was held on May 24. This event is funded by the Caribou School Department.


Caribou High School High Honor seniors who earned a 93-93.99 GPA were, from left: Morgan Swan, Samantha Murchison, Kelly Kashian, Marigan Doody, Emily Staples, Katie Plourde and Reggie Rideout.

Prior to the presentation of individual academic awards Mark Jones, CHS principal complimented the students on their academic achievements urging them “to continue to strive for success.”

Jones and David Wakana, assistant CHS principal, awarded academic achievement certificates, principal’s awards and academic excellence pins to students in grades 9 through 12 based upon their honor roll attainment for three consecutive ranking periods.

RSU 39 Superintendent of Schools, Franklin McElwain and Lois Brewer, assistant superintendent, helped in awarding of the Senior Honor clothing. Students with an accumulative GPA of 85-91.99 each received a T-shirt with the logo of Honor Roll. Those achieving a GPA of 92-92.99 were awarded a long-sleeved T-shirt with the logo of Honors; those with a GPA of 93-93.99 were presented a crew neck shirt with the High Honors logo and those who had achieved a GPA of 94 or higher each received a hooded sweatshirt bearing the logo of Highest Honors.


Receiving Highest Honors recognition for achieving a GPA of 94 or higher during the recent Caribou High School annual Academic Night were CHS seniors, from left, in front: Katrina McPherson, Sarah Plourde, Angelita Hernandez and Jin Sun Thomas. Row two: Demarre Doody-Corriveau, Paige Small, Elsa Thibodeau, Kjetil Rossignol, Dustin Boucher and Paige Nadeau. In back are Sarae Sager, Nickolas Dobson and Marc Sturzl.

Representatives of the academic disciplines of Caribou High School presented the following individual awards.

English Language Arts: Albany McCabe and Narissa Larabee, grade 9; Elyse Kiehn, Nicole McHattie and Emilee Sirois, grade 10; Sarah McQuade, Alexis McCrossin and Quriosity Garcia, grade 11; and Paige Nadeau and Marc Sturzl, grade 12.

Mathematics: Dylan Conroy, grade 9; Matthew Theriault, grade 10; Kelsie Espling, grade 11; and Jacob Kiehn, grade 12. Meredith Sleeper was the recipient of the Society of Women Engineers Award.

Social Studies: Nathan Wall, grade 9; Emilee Sirois, grade 10; and Meredith Sleeper, grade 11. Haley Hunter was presented with the Daughters’ of the American Revolution Award for Excellence in History and Paige Nadeau received the Hitchings/Novy Memorial Award.

Sciences: Meredith Sleeper, the Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award for Exceptional Promises in the Sciences; Sarae Sager, the Stephen Bielinski Memorial Award for the senior with the highest average in lab sciences for four years; and Demarre Doody-Corriveau, the CHS Science Department Award for the senior demonstrating the most outstanding personal achievement.

World Languages: Morgan Outing, academic excellence in French; Olivia Sleeper and Caleb Chapman, language appreciation in French; Quriosity Garcia and Dylan Conroy, academic excellence in Spanish; and Morgan Swan, language appreciation in Spanish.

National French Exam winners: French 3, 7th place Matthew Theriault; 8th place Elyse Kiehn and 10th place, Samantha Camy. French 4, 5th place Meredith Sleeper; 6th place Emma Duplissie-Cyr; 7th place Kayla Cormier and Ashley Richards; 8th place Sarah Plourde and 10th place Haley Hunter. French 5, 9th place Kjetil Rossignol.


Caribou High School seniors with an accumulative GPA of 85-91.99 received Honor Roll T-shirts at the recent annual Academic Night. In front are Tiell Knoll, Mackenzie Hey, Lacy Cyr, Danielle Ackerson, Erin Madore and Jamie Martin. Row two: Amanda Violette, Elisha Willey, Bethany Curtis, Joshua Kovach, Dylan Cyr, Kyle Wickstrom, Derek Dufour, Dann Cyr, Jacob Beaupre, Jesse Sandstrom, Cody Charette and Caleb Chapman. In back are Jacob Kiehn and Nicholas Pucci.

Physical Education and Wellness: Kristin Macek and Laura Kavin.

Book awards: Kayla Cormier, Phi Beta Kappa; and Zeb Johnson, Springfield College.

Transition Center awards: Sara Hamlin, most improved student, and T.C. Spirit Award, Paige Nadeau.

Math Team: individual awards were given to members of the CHS Mathematics Team by their coach Mrs. Vanda Madore. Included were Ethan Plourde, David Hunter, Caleb Hunter, Dylan Conroy, Quriosity Garcia, Elyse Kiehn, Matthew Theriault, Colby Conroy, Brittany Shields and Jacob Kiehn.

An old-fashion ice-cream social was held following the annual awards ceremony.

President of the National Honor Society, Caleb Chapman, Annie Collins, Nickolas Dobson and Demarre Doody-Corriveau served as chairpersons of the organizing committee assisted by Kenneth Atcheson, NHS adviser.


CHS Honor students recognized for their accumulative GPA of 92-92.99 at the annual Academic Night held on May 24 are from left, Laura Kavin, Cory Marrett, Renee Dube and Colby  Conroy.