Suspect in meth case arrested in Kansas

12 years ago

By Kathy McCarty
Staff Writer

    TOPEKA, Ks. — A Littleton man wanted in connection with a meth bust Dec. 29, 2011, on Main Street in Presque Isle was apprehended by law enforcement officers in Kansas on Monday night.
    “The U.S. Marshals and local police took Ronald Lewis, of Littleton, into custody at 11 p.m. July 16 in Topeka, Kansas. The arrest was based on a warrant obtained by MDEA agents following the seizure of a methamphetamine lab in Presque Isle late last year,” said Division Commander Darrell Crandall, MDEA.
    On Dec. 29, MDEA’s lab team seized chemicals and equipment that had been used to make methamphetamine at an apartment on Main Street in Presque Isle. According to the city’s tax records, the property is owned by Fernand and Marcia Martin, who own several rentals throughout Presque Isle.
    Meth, as it is more commonly called, has a street value of between $25 and $30 a tablet, according to Crandall.
    “On Dec. 30, MDEA agents arrested Ray Varney, 23, of Houlton, and charged him with trafficking in methamphetamine,” said Crandall, noting, “agents allege that Varney, Ronald Lewis, 21, of Littleton, and 28-year-old Leland Alger, of Presque Isle, were among those responsible for the lab activity.”
    “Alger, who lived at the Main Street apartment where the lab was found, was arrested by MDEA agents on Jan. 4 and is also charged with trafficking in methamphetamine,” Crandall said.
    Authorities are working to bring Lewis back to Maine.
    “The District Attorney’s Office will now begin the formal extradition process and ultimately Lewis will be brought back to Aroostook County to face methamphetamine trafficking charges,” said Crandall.