Dollar Tree opening at two sites

11 years ago

Dollar Tree opening at two sites

New stores planned for Caribou and Presque Isle

By Kathy McCarty

Staff Writer

    Shoppers looking to make the most of their money will have a perfect opportunity to do just that in coming weeks, as Dollar Tree, a Chesapeake, Va.-based retailer specializing in products that cost a dollar or less, prepares to open two new locations in Aroostook County — the first in Caribou, with a second soon to follow in Presque Isle.

    “We will be opening a store on Bennett Drive in Caribou mid-September. We’ve tentatively set the opening around Sept. 11,” said Shelle Davis, Dollar Tree spokesperson.

    The Presque Isle store, which will be located at the Aroostook Centre Mall, will open about a month later, said Davis.

    “We’ll have a fall opening for the Presque Isle store as well. We’re looking at mid-October,” said Davis.

    Davis said both stores will be similar in size and number of employees.

    “The Caribou facility is approximately 9,940 square feet and the Presque Isle site will be about 9,800. Both stores will employ about 12-15 permanent part-time employees, with a couple full-time positions, including manager and a couple others,” said Davis.

    Both stores will be open seven days a week.

    Davis said the locations were selected based on proximity to local colleges and other factors.

    “Dollar Tree continues to grow. We’ve been in business for over 25 years and like to open in locations where our core customers are found. Our core customers typically are females, those with children and women on the go. We also look for areas that have colleges or where senior citizens reside, people on fixed incomes and teachers,” explained Davis.

    She said both stores will be opening just in time to provide great shopping opportunities for anyone with a student in their life, including teachers.

    “We have a section in our stores we call the ‘teachers’ corner’ that we rolled out several years ago. It was created based on feedback we received from customers. It’s not just paper and pens. We also carry things teachers need to decorate classrooms, resource guides, maps, poster boards, that kind of thing. We also have stickers and a variety of classroom-related items,” said Davis.

    The company is experiencing growth, even in a down economy. During the second quarter, Dollar Tree opened 77 stores, expanded or relocated 21 stores and closed five stores. Retail selling square footage increased 7.1 percent compared to a year ago, to 39.2 million square feet.

    Davis said the company prides itself in offering a variety of fun, useful products.

    “It’s part of our Dollar Tree difference. We’re conveniently located, with bright stores featuring a variety of fun and practical merchandise. Whether you’re shopping for daily household items or a gift for a special occasion, we have a wide selection to choose from — be it household goods or party favors. We carry affordable greeting cards, gift wrap and the like, so you can save money on the wrapping and put that money into the gift instead,” said Davis.

    “Whether the economy is recovering or booming, people still want to celebrate milestones. With our stores, you can do that with an amazing array of party supplies and affordable gifts,” said Davis.

    In addition to jobs, Davis said the stores “provide customers a place to go and find things they need and want, while they save money.”

    “We’re excited and proud we continue to grow. We’re proud to be a part of these communities,” said Davis.

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