Westfield roads bad for walking

12 years ago

To the editor:

When I went for my daily walk this morning on our country dirt Tweedie Road, it was as compact as pavement with hardly a pebble on it.
But when I went for my afternoon walk, it was very rocky and soft —bad for vehicular gas consumption, bad for walking and very bad for our monstrous gas guzzling road grader. Several small sections of it had a few small holes in it that could easily have been leveled with our payloader, as is done occasionally.

I’ve complained to Town Hall about it a couple of times, but to no avail. Apparently there’s a disguised benefit that overrides all of those “bads” that other towns might like to know about. Our tax coffers must be swelling to the bursting point, and this is the most constructive way to relieve the pressure and drain the taxpayers of their excess savings.

Thanks again to the public works department and the town keepers.

Val Vadis