Houlton Power Sports adds another product to lineup

11 years ago

A utility side-by-side all-terrain vehicle that is spiking in popularity alongside brand-name products isn’t new to the market. In fact, it has been around since 2004.
So, what is making this utility vehicle trendy?

“They are a great price for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on side-by-side,” said Jim Gravel, Houlton branch manager of Houlton Power Sports on the North Road in Houlton.
Dealers within the state have stocked Bennche for several years, but Houlton Power Sports has just added them to their lineup of recreational vehicles, along with Arctic Cat and Yamaha.
According to Gravel, Houlton Power Sports wanted to offer another option to buyers.
“We did not have anything like these to offer from our manufacturers,” he explained. “To get a four-seat side-by-side can be pricey. But, these sell for under $10,000.”
The Bennche Bighorns come with a one-year factory guarantee, as well as a winch, roof, windshield, mirrors and alloy wheels. Gravel noted the Bennche has competitive financing, as well.
Houlton Power Sports has been offering the Bennche for two weeks; they have two left in stock and more units are on order.
“For what we have had for people coming in the last couple of weeks, they are drawn to them,” said Gravel. “They sell themselves with the price alone and the four-seats.”
All parts are stocked and shipped from Bennche’s assembly factory in Carrollton, Texas. According to the Bennche website, because the units are factory-direct, customers get the “best support on warranties and products.”
Gravel noted that the Bighorn is a basic utility unit.
“How I approach it is, if someone comes in looking for a used side-by-side, I point them to one of these,” he said. “If they are coming to look for a new one, I will show the Yamaha and Arctic Cat and try to sell  those because of all of their features.
“The Bighorn is not going to ride like one of the brand name units,” he added. “Not taking anything away from them, but a lot of people don’t want to spend the money for a side-by-side.”
The Bennche Bighorn comes in a 500, 700 and 700 crew retailing between $7,995 and $8,999.
“People refer to it as a Yamaha clone,” said Gravel. “They are durable, affordable and easier for families who want to go riding, but do not want to buy two four-wheelers or put a seat on the back.”
Houlton Power Sports is located at 381 North Street and can be reached by calling 532-4381. Houlton Power Sports is open Monday through Friday from 8-5:30 p.m. and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Gravel can be reached by e-mail at jim@houltonpowersports.com or visit their website at www.houltonpowersports.com.