Carney promoted to sergeant at APD

11 years ago

Carney promoted to sergeant at APD

By Kathy McCarty
Staff Writer

    ASHLAND — The Ashland Police Department has a new sergeant, following the recent promotion of Jarad Carney from patrol officer to the higher rank.

Photo courtesy of Jarad Carney

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    JARAD CARNEY, at center, graduated from the Police Academy in Vassalboro in December. Carney is pictured with his children, from left: Catelyn Coulombe and Kaleb Carney.

    Chief Cyr Martin, APD, said it’s a pleasure working with Carney, who graduated from the Police Academy in Vassalboro in December.
    “Jarad’s been a godsend since he graduated from the academy. It gives me some relief,” said Martin, who was the only academy-certified officer with the department, prior to Carney’s achievement.
    Martin said prior to that, he had to handle much of the work himself, due to law enforcement requirements.
    “Anytime we had anything serious it required my response, since I was the only one certified. Now Jarad can handle accidents, unattended deaths, etc.,” said the chief.
    After completing all courses in December, Carney returned to work at the APD.
    “Once he got back, there was a 90-day period before I could promote him. He’s now a sergeant and my right-hand man,” said Martin.
    Carney said law enforcement has always been something he wanted to do.
    “I worked part-time in Limestone for about three years, before coming to Ashland. I have family in Ashland and grew up in Washburn,” said Carney.
    “I always had it in the back of my mind to do (be a policeman). I did research and took the 100-hour course,” he said.
    There are things he enjoys about the job and things he struggles with, but overall he enjoys what he does.
    “I love that there’s no routine. But the part I find difficult is dealing with crimes involving children. Those are the most difficult,” said Carney, who has children of his own.
    It’s been a busy year for Carney.
    “I went to the Academy in August 2012 and graduated in December. I’ve been busy working since I returned,” said Carney. “The chief and I are the only full-time on staff. We currently have five part-time reserve officers: Lucas Hafford, Tyler Cote, Tim Morrison, Pete Goheen and Corey Bouchard.”
    He said he’s interested in taking a more active role in what the APD is doing in the community.
    “My goal is to have more involvement between the police department and the community. I’d like us to be more involved in informing the public on what we’re doing and how we’re addressing issues in town,” he said.
    Carney, who recently adopted a young lab-mix named Chance, said he’d like to train his dog to work with him.
    “I think a dog would be beneficial to the department. If we can find the funding, I’d like to begin training with Chance,” said Carney.
    Martin said it all depends on funding.
    “It’s hard for little departments, whose funding is usually low to begin with. We run on a skeleton crew because of the budget. We’d like to have a trained police dog and are looking for grants or other means to pay for the training. If anyone would be interested in helping with that, it would be greatly appreciated,” said Martin, noting, “it would also be a benefit to the community.”
    Anyone interested in contributed to the dog’s training can contact the Town Office or call Martin at 435-6626.
    Carney had advice for anyone interested in law enforcement.
    “Stay in shape. Getting your foot in the door requires passing rigorous physical tests,” said Carney. “Plus it helps with regard to an officer’s safety.”
    Carney said he’s glad to be a member of the department.
    “I’m pleased to be here and look forward to assisting citizens in any way I can,” said Carney.