Science Center deserves support

11 years ago

To the editor:
    The Fort Fairfield Quality of Place Council is concerned that County residents could lose a terrific educational and entertainment facility. For more than 30 years the Francis Malcolm Science Center in Easton has taught countless children and adults about the Earth, the stars and the universe around us. The unique planetarium conducts a wealth of kid-friendly activities that are fun and educational for people of all ages.

    However, the Science Center is privately funded and generates most of its revenue from donations and from income from an endowment left by Easton resident Francis Malcolm. Because of our nation’s overall financial difficulties, these funds are not adequate to continue without increased donations.
    The domed theater that seats 35 people is a magnet for area children and adults who want to learn more about the solar system. Other science-based programs range from making apple cider to snowshoeing. More than 100,000 of our school children have learned about insects, bones, animal species, and our own nervous and respiratory systems by participating in programs at the Center.
    The Center is holding an Open House on Saturday, May 18th from 12-3 p.m. to give the public an opportunity to see how the Center operates. There will be planetarium demonstrations, hands on exhibits, and much more.
    Our Fort Fairfield Quality of Place Council strives to support educational facilities for a better quality of life for all of our citizens and neighbors. We know that the Francis Malcolm Science Center is a treasure in our area that many may not have had the opportunity to experience. We hope that your readers will participate in the Spring Open House or make an appointment to visit at any time. And we hope that those that can contribute will help with donations or with initiating grant requests to groups that they may know share the goals of this unique resource that we are so fortunate to have in our area.

FF Quality of Place Council
Board of Directors
Brent Churchill
Phil Christensen
Sue Fitzherbert
Jacquie Martin
Steve Towle
Mike Eisensmith
Joseph White
Stev Rogeski
Garrett Martin
Vicki Adams
Kim Jones
Sarah Ulman