Use it or lose it!

11 years ago

To the editor:
    The vote on the Regional School Unit (RSU) 39 school budget proposal is coming up on Tuesday, June 11. We will not only be voting on the budget itself, but also on whether to continue voting on the budget.

    The first ballot item, Article 1, is the normal up or down vote on the RSU 39 2013-14 budget proposal. A second ballot item, Article 2, also appears. A “yes” vote on Article 2 means that you want to continue to vote on RSU budget proposals. A “no” means that you don’t want this vote.
    In either case, a meeting of the voters will be a part of the process. If “no” carries on Article 2, this meeting of the voters will become the final public input in the process.
    This year, this meeting is being held on Wednesday, May 29, at 7 p.m., in the cafeteria of the Caribou Middle School. Please participate! If you don’t vote in the election, there is a chance you will lose this vote for at least three years. Use it or lose it!
    The special election is called the “Budget Validation Referendum.” It is being held on Tuesday, June 11, at regular polling locations (the Wellness Center for Caribou).

Mark Reschke