The Aroostook Medical Center Births

11 years ago

TAMC has announced the following births from the local area.
SAUNDERS — A boy, Noah Allan Saunders, born on July 11, to Mollie Chase Jackson of Houlton.
JACKETT — A boy, Mason Allen Jackett, born on July 20, to Mary Elizabeth and Jeremy Jackett of Houlton. Maternal grandparents are Tabitha and Kevin Tuttle of Houlton. Paternal grandparents are Blaine and Sharon Jackett of Houlton.

CUMMINGS — A girl, Raeley Joy Cummings, born on July 26, to Darcey and John Cummings of Presque Isle. Maternal grandparents are Paula and Charles Wallace of Hodgdon. Paternal grandparents are Joyce and John Cummings of Stacyville.
LONG — A boy, Jared Owen Long, born on July 27, to Jessica Pratt and Leigh Long of Houlton. Maternal grandparents are Ivan and Diane Pratt of Chapman. Paternal grandparents are Deannie Long and Leonard Long of Houlton.
CHAPMAN —A boy, Lucas Ryan Chapman, born on April 5, to Darcie Nash and Matt Chapman of Houlton. Maternal grandparents are Kevin and Brenda Cummings of Houlton. Paternal grandparents are Steve and Connie Chapman of Presque Isle.
BRADY – A boy, Connor Hugh Brady, born on April 19, to Laura and Paul Brady of Monticello. Maternal grandparents are Robert and Wanda Peters of Ithaca Michigan. Paternal grandparents are Mac and Robin Brady of Bridgewater.