Walker wins senior President’s Cup

11 years ago

    EDMUNDSTON, N.B. — The Upper St. John Valley Senior Golf Association held its final tournament of the summer last Wednesday, Sept. 4 at Edmunston Golf Club, with 100 players competing.
The President’s Trophy, with the low average of the four best gross scores during the year, went to Warren Walker of VaJoWa with a 73.25, followed by Gary Greene of Covered Bridge with a 75.

Winning the Governor’s Trophy for the low average of the four best net scores was Tom Conant of Aroostook Valley with a 67.75. The runner-up was Wayne Paul of Mars Hill with a 68.5.
Claiming the Bud Survant Trophy for the average of the three best gross scores for members over 75 years of age was Mike Pelletier of Edmunston with an 84. In second was Philip Pelletier of Fort Kent with an 87.6.
Results of last Wednesday’s event were as follows:
A Division gross: first, Dave MacFarlane, Edmunston, 74: second, Neil Girdwood, Covered Bridge, 77; and third, Walker, 80. Net: first, Bob Bruce, Aroostook Valley, 70; second, Jud Giberson, Covered Bridge, 71; and third, Robert MacFarlane, Edmunston, 73.
B Division gross: first, Gill Basque, Edmunston, 80; second, Roland Nadeau, Edmunston, 81; and third, Mike McLauchlin, Grand Falls, 82. Net: first, Jaques Bosse, Grand Falls, 70; second, Fred Soucy, Edmunston, 70; and third, Normand Michaud, Edmunston,  74.
C Division gross: first, George Watson, Presque Isle, 86; second, Ron Kearney, Covered Bridge, 86;  and third, Roy Layte, Covered Bridge,  91. Net: first, Willard Cyr, Edmunston, 66; second, Richard Winslow, Portage, 74; and third, James Caron, Fort Kent, 76.
D Division gross: first,  Mac Wilson, Covered Bridge, 83; second, Dave Wilcox, Caribou, 90;  and third, Ken Jones, Covered Bridge,  92. Net: first, Bernard Clavette, Grand Falls; second, Dean  Larrabee, Mars Hill, 71; and third, Peter Haskell, Portage Hills, 72.
E Division gross: first, Blair Adams, Aroostook Valley, 85; second, Don Collins, Houlton, 92; and third, Gerald Clark, Presque Isle, 95. Net: first, George  Findley, Mars Hill,  68; second, Dan Madore, Mars Hill,  69; and third, Nelson Sleeper, Caribou, 73.
F Division gross: first, Paul, 66; second, Elbridge Judkins  Presque Isle, 99; and third, Ernie MacIntosh, Mars Hill, 99. Net: first, Al Giberson, Presque Isle, 68; second, Stephen Walker, VaJoWa, 69; and third, Jim Caldwell, Caribou, 70.