City-managed public market opening in May

Ken Arndt, Special to The County
10 years ago

For several years now, the city of Presque Isle’s Downtown Revitalization Committee has been planning and organizing for the opening of an exciting new “Public Market” in the Riverside Drive area of our central business district. Beginning on Thursday, May 15, that goal will finally come to fruition.

At this point, we have distributed 30 Riverside Public Market membership applications to potential farm produce vendors and artisans. Our “Riverside Public Market” will operate on additional, Thursdays and Fridays, on the vacant lots just off of Riverside Drive near the existing Riverside Recreation building and the former outdoor skating rink. Our intention is that this expanded market, featuring both agricultural produce vendors and creative artisans, will compliment the current farmers market that takes place Saturdays at the Aroostook Centre Mall parking lot.
Over the next few weeks, as spring time begins to bloom, you will notice signs and banners located throughout the city announcing the Riverside Public Market’s “Grand Opening” on May 15! Come downtown and visit the new public market, support our local vendors and artisans and just have an exciting and enjoyable spring outing.
See you there!
     is Presque Isle’s director of planning and development. He can be reached at 760-2727 or via email at