The body communicates in wondrous ways

10 years ago

To the editor:
    In my letter to the editor last week about TAMC’s incorporation of new information into their diabetes coping class, I withheld, for brevity and impact, the second most important reminder to my fellow diabetics.

    That is, each of the body’s organs, outer as well as inner, is in constant, simultaneous communication with every other organ (unlike their human personalities, which must communicate in analytical, thoughtful sequence in our chosen dimension of space-time).

    For example, the molecules of the tiring muscles tell the molecules of the brain, heart and lungs that they need more oxygen, and all three must work simultaneously for them by Natural Law. All organs, therefore, are functioning in perfect reciprocal harmony, as their Creator made and sustains them — unless that harmony gets disrupted by mankind’s environmental impact or mental separation from Spiritual Law.

    Being mindful of the wondrous divine communication system of our body’s organs should inspire us to wonder about the subconscious telepathic communications possible (and probable) among our fellow humans.

Val Vadis