NMCC spring 2014 Dean’s List announced

10 years ago

NMCC has released its Dean’s List for the 2014 spring semester. Two hundred and seven full-time students achieved a 3.20 average or better; 75 of these students were named to high honors with a GPA of 3.85 or better. Thirty-seven students had the distinction of earning a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Also, 35 part-time students who earned at least 12 credits during the 2013-14 academic year with a GPA of 3.2 or better earned a place on the Dean’s List. These students often juggle work, family life and a hefty college load to finish their degree.
“Once again, we are proud to publicly recognize the commitment of NMCC’s very hard-working students,” said Dr. William Egeler, dean of students. “Students achieving this academic honor understand the value of higher education to their future and to the lives of their families. Their sacrifices are reflected in this achievement and we hope all who know them take the time to acknowledge their success.”

High Honors (3.85-4.0)

    Cade W. Patten of Appleton; *Samuel S. Boutot, *Richard W. Mullen, *Tracey E. Nichols, *Okwuchi C. Uchendu, Nicholas J. Rand, Jenelle M. Shaw, *Anjanette I. Walsh, Michele M. Wilcox and Serena A. Wright, all of Caribou; Amanda L. Foster of Carmel; Carla R. Cambridge of Chapman; Kyle T. Hews of Crouseville; *Matthew D. Beaton, Megan A. Blosser, *Samantha L. Buck, *Danielle A. Dudley, Justin D. Guerrette, Zachary C. Jones and Anna L. Rossignol, all of Easton; Austin D. Bixler, *Donna S. Bixler, Jennifer M. Dufour, *Jamie R. Kamorowski, *David E. Lown, Bobbi-Jo Oatway and *Shaena J. Pelletier, all of Fort Fairfield; Zachary D. Voisine of Fort Kent; Michael D. DeMontigny and Zachary D. DeMontigny, both of Frenchville; *Renee A. Burgess and Chantal T. Rioux, both of Hamlin; *Dale J. Foley and *Mariah L. Wiley, both of Hodgdon; *Rosalia M. Drake, Jeffrey L. Hobbs, Jacob F. Hunt and *Kimberly A. Warman, all of Houlton.
Also, *Leo A. Gaghan of Lewiston; *Thomas J. Albert, *Angela R. Espling, Charity L. Luster and Cheryl A. Marchand, all of Limestone; Allison J. Little of Littleton; Thomas B. Kaiser, *Keith L. Michaud and *Stephanie M. Plourde, all of Mapleton; *Sarah Brewer and *Duska Kingsbury, both of Mars Hill; Jacquelyn D. Chevalier of Oxbow; *Hillary J. Albert, Jaimee L. Amero, *Jeffrey M. Beatham, *Christopher B. Burnett, Ethan P. Cushman, Davina D. Dickinson, *Darren A. Knight, *Shaun D. Lagasse, Cheryl L. Murchison, *Bryan P. Ouellette, Christopher D. Perry, *Sean S. Robertson, Meagan M. Royer, Benjamin M. Sipe, *Jill A. Smith, *Michael F. Utz, Shirley J. Wallace and *Jon-Sebastian R. Weatherbee, all of Presque Isle; *Mark J. Madore of Saint David; Nicholas R. Bragg and *Zachary S. Davis, both of Washburn; Christopher K. Lyng of Westmanland; and *Michael D. McLaughlin of Woodland.
*Achieved a perfect 4.0 semester.

Spring semester Dean’s List

    Eliza M. Clark of Appleton; Shawn M. Bryant and Melodie S. Cyr, both of Ashland; Spencer C. Conrad of Bingham; William H. Delong, Laken E. Kingsbury, Kristen A. Long, Amy R. Nicholson, Marie C. Sanderson and Andrew J. Smith, all of Blaine; Matthew J. Farkas, Edward L. Foster, Kyle A. Murray and Zechariah L. Sargent, all of Bridgewater; Courtney L. Burby, Kimberly A. Burby, Sarah J. Carver, Jonathan D. Clayton, Matthew J. Cox, Kent D. DeMerchant, Grahm M. Freme, Gabrielle L. Gorence, Chiharu Jandreau, Joel R. Johndro, Cale A. Jones, Bryce J. Keenan, Matthew T. Martin, Mariah A. Mockler, Joshua E. Perry, Joshua K. Pike, Kellie M. St. Peter, Nikki R. St. Pierre, Michelle L. Tauer and Eleonora Toussaint, all of Caribou; Peter C. Martelly of Castle Hill; Jessica M. Lizotte of Conner Township; Christopher E. Eriksson of Corinth; Jessica K. Bennett, Jenny L. Blackstone, Tyler S. Gadaire, Zack S. Haggerty, Chelsea F. Porter and Cheryl L. Tarr, all of Easton; Keiza M. Bernaiche, Dereck M. Dufour, Andrew W. Milliard, Bryan D. Romine, Paula A. Walton, David W. Wentworth and Kevin G. White, all of Fort Fairfield; Jarrett I. Cannan and Thomas C. Morin, both of Fort Kent; Kurtis G. Gagnon of Frenchville; Kevin I. Demers of Gorham; Ryan G. Baker of Hersey; Nicole M. Clayton, Joshua P. Daigle, Eduardo C. Gautier, Nicole R. Hall, Bradley J. Long, Darielle L. McKee, Jonathan A. Shaw and Harley T. Wiggins, all of Houlton; Bret R. Butler, Natasha N. Coffin, Colleen T. Deschenes, Jason R. Gallagher, Jesse A. Henderson, Lawrence R. Huckins and Jade D. McConnell, all of Limestone.
Also, Jessica M. Caron of Linneus; Brett J. Miles and Melinda R. Morrow, both of Littleton; Phillip A. Carleton of Ludlow; Ryan A. Picard of Madawaska; Lewis L. Craig, Brittany E. Davies, Zachary C. Dow and Benjamin M. McKenna, all of Mapleton; Sasha L. Grass and Landon J. Jackins, both of Mars Hill; Cassidy L. Nason of Monticello; Lyndon G. Whitcomb of Morrill; Amber R. Landeen-Peterson and Glen E. Peterson, both of New Sweden; Anthony J. Viola of Perham; Nicholas E. Bull, Brittany L. Burlock, Heather L. Carnes, Melissa A. Carson, Haleigh M. Dyer, Daniel W. Fuller, Brenda L. Gilliam, Timothy M. Golden, Garrett J. Hemphill, Torri R. Huston, Lisa M. Jenkins, Elaina H. Lafland, Danielle L. Larrabee, Emma-Jean J. Lunney, Michael A. McKee, Darrin A. Murray, Jessica M. Pelletier, John T. Pelletier, Janice L. Pictou, James A. Rochelle, Jennifer L. Tibbetts and Jessica L. Vaillancourt, all of Presque Isle; Zachary S. Levesque and Michael J. Sirois, both of Saint David; Jennifer J. Belanger of Saint John; Alex Myers of Solon; Gordon P. Hastings, Marc P. Lajoie, Linda M. Theberge and Casey R. Violette, all of Van Buren; Ryan H. Dyer of Vanceboro; Autumn Doughty of Veazie; Dakota H. Koch of Wade; Damien J. Boyce and Michele J. Cloutier, both of Washburn; Douglas R. McLean of Wells; Kyle B. Doody of Westbrook; Ashley M. Chasse of Westfield; Ashley L. Doucette of Westmanland; Paul W. Drost and Suzanne M. St. Pierre-Donovan, both of Woodland; and Aaron J. Lapointe of Woolwich.
Out of state: Christopher J. Hass of Allenstown, N.H.
New Brunswick, Canada: Christopher J. Dutra of Carlow, Katelyn E. Melvin of Centreville, Caleb R. Williamson of Plaster Rock, Michael D. Hooper of Saint Stephen, and Dallas E. Fowler of Summerfield.

Part-Time Dean’s List
2013-14 Academic Year

    Ann Ellis, Sharon Ellis, Bobbi-Jo Hanley and Rebekah Walker, all of Caribou; Rachael Torres of Crystal; Brittney LaFrance of Easton; Adam Fox and Sheryl Letarte, both of Fort Fairfield; Melissa Tidd of Hodgdon, Jolene Haugen of Holmesville, Kristopher Cole, Kate Michaud, Jessica White and Cierra Willette, all of Houlton; David Genthner of Limestone; Elizabeth Sewell of Littleton; Bruce Morin of Madawaska; *Ashley Roberts of Monticello; Kaitlynn Wellington of New Limerick; Tammy Dube and Maxine Thibeault, both of New Sweden; Vanessa Shaw of Perham; Robin Baxter-Beckwith, *Jerry Cray, Juliette Dicker, Christina Hathaway, Kelly McInnis, Chelsea Quinn, Kyle Vislosky and Rodney Wood, all of Presque Isle; Janet Day of Silver Ridge Township; *Jessica Wohlgemuth of Tracey Mills; Leslie Curtis and Amanda Morgan, both of Washburn; and Kayla Murchison of Woodland.
*Achieved a perfect 4.0 for the academic year.