Healthy Aroostook program provides expanded services

9 years ago

Healthy Aroostook has joined together with several state agencies and the two casinos in Maine to help individuals who think they may have a problem with casino gambling. The work expands the locations for an individual to sign up for a program known as ‘self-exclusion.’
Self-exclusion is a self-help process where an individual chooses, through a signed agreement, to not enter a casino for a period of one to five years — or, in some cases, a lifetime. This process is helpful for those who may think that gambling has become a problem for them. Healthy Aroostook, a program of ACAP, became a site for self-exclusion in February 2014.
While most people gamble responsibly, gambling for some is an addiction that can cause major problems with work, relationships and family. Casino gambling is only one form of gambling that takes place in Maine and self-exclusion is an option for Maine citizens to take control of behaviors that may be out of control.
If you think you may have a gambling problem, dial 2-1-1 or visit For more information on Maine’s self-exclusion program, including the locations to self-exclude, visit /selfexclusion.