Sidewalk extension completes bike path loop

10 years ago

    Last year the City approached Maine’s Department of Transportation about completing the sidewalk on the north end of Main Street. We noticed an increased number of pedestrians that were walking that section and had to either walk on the very narrow shoulder or onto the grass area.
At last Monday’s council meeting an agreement with MDOT was approved to extend the current sidewalk on the eastern side of Main Street, from the Hampton Inn to the corner of Maysville Street. The project is a joint partnership with the state with a 50 percent local match. The total project is estimated to cost $150,000 so the municipal share will be $75,000. TIF funds will be used to fund the project.
The construction should take place next June and be completed in September.
Not only will this address a major issue of pedestrian safety on northern Main Street; this will complete the missing link of our waking/bike path, creating a loop. Starting at Riverside Park and following the route south through the UMPI Campus and continuing north behind the Pine Street School- eventually ending up on Carmichael, you will be able to take Maysville to Main Street, ending back at Riverside Park. This will be just over a 5.5-mile loop — a great distance for a Sunday morning run or bike ride.
A map of the current path with points of interest can be found on Their site is linked under the ‘What’s Happening’ tab on the City’s website found at along with other helpful links.
The Go Aroostook site also offers information on events and suggestions for trails, bike rides and other activities.
Speaking of other activities, there are plenty of great races occurring in the area including Presque Isle’s first half marathon in August. If you aren’t feeling up to 13.1 miles, the upcoming color run may be more your style. I would describe a color run as more of a celebration than a race. It had more than 400 participants last year, and is very walker and family friendly.
Also, stay tuned for more information about a race to benefit the Presque Isle Community Center project!
If you are on the fence to do a race, I urge you to give it a try. Even though running is an individual sport, you will find a very supportive group to run with.
Martin Puckett is Presque Isle’s deputy city manager. He can be reached at 760-2780 or via email at