Central Aroostook Junior/Senior High School announces honor roll for 2013-2014

9 years ago

Central Aroostook Junior/Senior High School recently announced the fourth-quarter honor roll for 2013-2014. Students from Bridgewater included were:
 GRADE 7 — Honors: Mitchell Grass.
GRADE 8 — Honors: Maranda Anthony and Holly O’Leary.
GRADE 9 — Highest honors: Sarah Gerritsen. Honors: Bradbury Clark.
 GRADE 10 — Highest honors: Molly Anthony and Abigail Boyce. High honors: Gwen Parsons and Samuel Sargent. Honors: Isabelle Cadet and Michael Chambers.
   GRADE 11 — Highest honors: Whitnie Bradbury. High honors: Carly Grass. Honors: Ethan Bradstreet and Derek Kilcollins.
   GRADE 12 — Highest honors: Sarah-Jane Parker. High honors: Cory Richardson and Matthew Williams. Honors: Marissa Anthony and Colby Endy.