Jeep strikes Amish buggy

Kathy McCarty, Special to The County
10 years ago

EASTON, Maine — A motorist struck an Amish buggy on the Conant Road July 30, knocking the back wheel from the wagon.    “Zachary Jones, 22, of Easton, was traveling west on the Conant Road in Easton at approximately 6:10 a.m. in his 2002 Jeep when he crested the top of a hill and did not see the horse-drawn carriage on the shoulder of the westbound travel lane,” said Sgt. Chad Fuller, of the Maine State Police.
Fuller said Jones was not able to avoid the buggy, striking the back left corner.
“Jones attempted to avoid the carriage but struck the back corner and rear wheel. Jones skidded across the eastbound lane and back onto the roadway where he came to rest,” said Fuller.
According to Fuller, the horse-drawn carriage was driven by John Miller, 19. The carriage had four passengers besides Miller: Noah Glick, 16, Lydiann Miller, 41, Naomi Glick, 47, and Ada Miller, 18. Neither the passengers, nor the two horses pulling the carriage, were injured as a result of the crash.
The Jeep sustained minor damage, while the buggy lost a wheel.
Fuller said no one will be charged for the accident.
Police remind motorists to use caution when traveling in areas known to have horse traffic, especially in the Fort Fairfield and Easton areas.