Lack of swimming opportunities in Presque Isle

10 years ago

To the editor:
This letter to the editor is how one 11-year-old in Presque Isle feels about the lack of an outdoor swimming pool on these hot days of summer.
I worry about my friends and other kids who haven’t yet learned to swim and now have no place to swim other than the Presque Isle Stream and local rivers and lakes which can be dangerous.
I don’t believe kids who need to take swimming lessons at Gentile Hall should have just one lesson a week. Will a child taking only one swimming lesson a week for 5-6 weeks really learn to swim? The Presque Isle youth no longer have a swim team on which I’ve been for the last five years. Two years ago before the city closed the outdoor pool, there were 57 kids on the swim team. Now there are none. Luckily, seven kids were able to compete in a swim meet at the Potato Blossom Festival.
One of my best friends who was a member of P.I.’s swim team a few years ago had dreams of becoming an Olympic swimmer. She has given up that dream for lack of swimming facilities.
Most important is that swimming is a lifetime skill. It can save a life. Shame on those who decided to close the outdoor pool and the indoor pool as well.

Izabelle Higgins
and others
Presque Isle