Police receive reports of vandalism, car burglaries

9 years ago

   PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — A number of car burglaries and vandalism have been reported to the Presque Isle Police Department in recent weeks.
The first case of vandalism was reported Tuesday, Aug. 12, around 5:50 a.m. A Dudley Street resident reported finding “graphic body parts” drawn on their vehicle windows. They indicated the markings “washed off easily and left no damage.”  Sgt. Mark Barnes, of the PIPD, responded to investigate.
A similar incident was reported around 7:50 p.m. the same day, this time at an Academy Street residence. The caller indicated he found similar drawings on his vehicle windows the day before, as well as derogatory remarks, The images appeared to be done in chalk and that he’d washed them off. Officer Kyle White, of the PIPD, investigated.
Car burglary reports began coming in on Monday, Aug. 18.
A resident of Dupont Drive called the PIPD around 8:48 a.m. on Aug. 18, reporting his vehicle had been broken into the night before. He claimed the registration and insurance card were missing from his vehicle. He told police the driver’s side door was partially open and the glove compartment was also open. Nothing else appeared to be missing. He indicated he did find some other items nearby that might have come from someone else’s vehicle. Corp. Wayne Selfridge, of the PIPD, responded to investigate.
On Tuesday, Aug. 19, the PIPD received several reports of vehicles in the Birch Street area being burglarized. Officers Kaitlyn McLaughlin and Kevin Reed, as well as Sgt. Eric Ericson, responded to investigate.
A caller reported four teenagers were spotted “going through about five cars on Birch Street.” Police were given a description and attempted to locate the individuals.
Later on Tuesday, around 2:17 p.m., an Academy Street resident reported her van was burglarized. The caller told police two sets of golf clubs, one valued at $1,500 and one at $900, were missing. Corp. Selfridge was assigned to the call.
Police next responded Wednesday, Aug. 20, to a residence at Presque Isle Trailer Court for another reported car burglary. The victim reported money was stolen from her wallet, which she’d left in her vehicle. When she went out that morning, the wallet was still there but the money was gone.
In each car burglary case, the owners were uncertain if their vehicles were locked or not. Police remind owners to lock their cars and never leave valuables in them.
If you must leave valuables, police advise placing them out of sight in the locked vehicle.