Board member reminds people to vote

10 years ago

To the editor:
The Board of Directors of SAD 29 consists of 13 people who are elected by the towns of Houlton, Hammond Plantation, Monticello and Littleton.
The directors’ duty is to see that school policy is followed and to work with the superintendent in preparing a budget for the school year.
The administrators of each school present their operating budget to the superintendent and the board for review and discussion. Another segment of the budget involves separate committees of board members and the superintendent, who work with the teachers and support staff representatives on wage and benefit issues. These contracts can be for one to three years.
The whole process can be a lengthy and sometimes contentious procedure to come to an agreeable conclusion for the district and the taxpayers.
This is not a perfect budget, but it is a good budget. It is the duty of the taxpayers of the towns to vote today, Aug. 27, 2014.

Sandra P. Henderson
Littleton Board member