Mall management should revisit food court rules

9 years ago

To the editor:
Recently, my family and I were sitting in the Aroostook Centre Mall in Presque Isle and noticed that once again they had put up signs on the tables saying that people cannot bring in food or beverages from outside of the mall. It was also noted that you were basically not allowed to sit at any of the tables in the food court unless you were consuming a food or beverage that you purchased within the mall.

My daughter had planned on eating the lunch that she had packed while we sat with her and visited before she returned to work. We had purchased drinks in the food court but because of the signs she ended up having to leave in order to have some time to eat before work.
I realize that the mall is trying to get people to buy their products, but they are driving people away with their unfriendly atmosphere. Many people used to come in the mall and play games or sit and chat. In the process the mall did make money as many purchased snacks or drinks and sometimes even meals.
I feel this policy is very unfair. The tables they have would never be filled in a day even if everyone shopping at the mall sat at the same time! People should have a right to sit and visit if they want and the owners of the mall should encourage them to do so. It’s just good business.

Kate Peterman
Connor Township