Local schools earn Let’s Go! 5-2-1-0 distinction

10 years ago

Let’s Go! 5-2-1-0 announced recently that one school, five out-of-school (after-school) programs, two childcare centers, and two health care practices in Aroostook County are being honored for their commitment to excellence in healthy eating and active living for children and families. A total of 10 sites are prioritizing children’s health in collaboration with the Let’s Go! program.

Established in 2012, the Let’s Go! Site of Distinction certificate recognizes schools, out-of-school programs, childcare centers and healthcare practices for their dedication to creating healthy environments and policies where kids live, learn and play. A total of 368 sites statewide earned this illustrious distinction, a 28 percent increase from last year. Let’s Go! encourages policy change and recognizes three levels of distinction: Bronze reflects a site implementing the program’s top five strategies; Silver acknowledges a site that has written at least one strategy into policy; and Gold, the highest level of distinction, is reserved for sites that have written all five priority strategies into policy and enforce the written policy.
Let’s Go!’s top five strategies are as follows:
1. Provide healthy choices for snacks and celebrations; limit unhealthy choices
2. Provide water and low fat milk; limit or eliminate sugary beverages
3. Provide non-food rewards
4. Provide opportunities for children to get physical activity every day
5. Limit recreational screen time
Healthcare sites are recognized for three practice specific, obesity prevention program components: providing consistent 5-2-1-0 messaging in offices; calculating BMI for all patients aged 2 and older; and using the 5-2-1-0 Healthy Habits questionnaire to have a respectful conversation about lifestyles with their patients.
Let’s Go! Aroostook, a program of Aroostook County Action Program, Inc. (ACAP), is extremely proud of this year’s sites of distinction.
Let’s Go! Aroostook Sites of Distinction for program year 2013-2014:
Bronze— After the Bell, Ashland District School 21st CCLC, Fort Fairfield 21st Century Kids After School Program, Susan Sewell’s Day Care After-School Program and Dr. Levesque Elementary School.
Silver — Katahdin Elementary School 21st CCLC, ACAP Family Services Head Start (Mars Hill), Southern Aroostook Pre-K/ACAP Head Start Partnership, Healthcare Sites of Distinction, Fish River Rural Health, Eagle Lake, and Fish River Rural Health, Fort Kent.
A list of all 2014 Let’s Go! is available at www.letsgo.org.