Celebrating the season in style in Merrill

10 years ago

    MERRILL, Maine — The Millstream Park committee is happy that they didn’t go with their first reaction of canceling Christmas in the Park due to the forecasted weather.

“We had initially discussed canceling due to the possible rain,” said Ken Bustard, chairman of the Millstream Park committee. “However, it turned out to be the best day we have had yet. The snow was holding a little moisture. It was just perfect for a genuine Christmas atmosphere.”
To help with creating a winter wonderland, several families decorated trees in the park with festive holiday garland and lights.
“This was the first time for decorating one of the many trees in the Park,” Bustard explained. “Our future goal is to have all the trees decorated and lit, creating a spectacular Christmas display for this season of the year.”
After each child visited with Santa telling him their secret wishes for Christmas, they were able to go sliding on sleds that the park committee provided and they enjoyed traditional hot chocolate and cookies. As the children played and laughed, a snow softly fell and a small bonfire was kept going for anyone wanting to warm up.
“Christmas in the Park was without a doubt the best year yet,” Bustard said. “We had 76 children come through to receive a stuffed animal, book and bag of goodies. The numbers were up from last year of approximately 40 children.”
All the funds for the children’s packages handed out by Santa to the refreshments were provided through the Mike and Heidi Memorial Fund. The fund supplies the needed resources for the annual Christmas in the Park event.
Bustard could not help but stop and think of the Oakfield couple whose memorial fund supports the ongoing efforts of Christmas in the Park.
“Today was a wonderful day for kids, but also realizing the bags of treats were purchased from the Mike and Heidi Memorial Fund. I personally think this is such an appropriate way to preserve their memory. They would be smiling, to think each of the 75 plus kids today received a Christmas goody bag in memory of them. Even without further donations, this fund should last for at least 10 more years. Thank you to everyone who came out to the event. Everything was perfect — the weather, cookies, Jill’s hot chocolate — and of course happy kids.”