Let me help you through the winter

10 years ago

Recently (January 2), The County experienced a significant bout of snow showers and snow squalls, along with areas of blowing snow which caused brief whiteouts. Conditions across Aroostook County varied tremendously over very short distances. West Chapman saw 4 1/2 inches of fluff, while just a short distance away there was only a dusting.
So why the title of this column?

Because you can use me as a clearinghouse for weather information! You see, I have been building out a network of weather spotters on both sides of the border in the eight years I’ve been in this beautiful corner of the country. And now, through the use of my professional Facebook page, (www.facebook.com/tedsweather), everyone can, in just a few seconds, post what is going on where they live. Then, everyone can go to that page and see what is happening all across northern Maine and western New Brunswick.
Don’t use Facebook? No problem! Just send an email to me at tshapiro@wagmtv.com and then I’ll post your report to the Facebook page. Dont use a computer? Still no problem! Just leave your report at 764-4461 ext. 261 and I can retrieve it directly, and, again, I will post it to Facebook.
The more we can get people used to reporting the winter conditions where they are, the more it will become possible, at a glance, to know what the actual ground conditions are at a location to which you might be headed!
Safe travels and see you on the slopes and the trails!
  Ted Shapiro holds the Broadcast Seal of Approval from both the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association. An Alexandria, Va. native, he has been Chief Meteorologist at WAGM-TV since 2006. Email him at tshapiro@wagmtv.com.