Mill Pond After School program holds ‘Gala Evening’

9 years ago

On Wednesday, May 27, 2015, Mill Pond School’s 21st CCLC After School program held its end of the year “Gala Evening.” The evening was planned as a culminating event that would both highlight special projects and programs the students had been involved with throughout the school year as well as serve as a fund raising event.

Held in the Mill Pond gym, round tables were decorated in black fabric and beautiful potted plants. Each table had its own theme: framed photography, jewelry making, wood burning, framed origami dolls and water colored Japanese cherry blossom trees, sewing, and pottery. Attendees were encouraged to purchase an item to support the After School program’s sustainability requirement.
The Lego robotics team had set up a display of their most recent competitive efforts where students and parents alike were able to see actual demonstrations of how programs are written and robots respond. People were also encouraged to try out one of the water-filled hula hoops made by students!
Another highlight was the ambient music of acoustic guitar and soft vocals provided by Paul LaPointe. Student servers, dressed in their best blacks and whites, carried trays of appetizers as they strolled among the guests to offer tasty tidbits that had been prepared and provided by After School staff, teachers, and friends of afterschool programming at Mill Pond. Glasses of punch were poured beside the display of artifacts from Russia that accompanied the delicious sandwiches made according to a very popular Russian recipe.
Karen Sattler, site coordinator for Mill Pond’s After School program, presented special awards to students who had attended 30 days or more. A dozen students were recognized with “Helping Hands” awards for their unselfish help with their peers and younger students throughout the year. A special award, the “After School Ambassador Award,” was presented to Amelia McAtee.
“Amelia was not only a constant and tremendous help to her fellow students, but was always the first to offer assistance to the staff in any way she thought she might help,” Sattler said. “Her heart and tenderness with each one she worked with set her apart as a shining example of the kind of character we hope all students learn as part of Mill Pond’s After School program.”
This event was attended by more than 120 people and thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Items purchased during the gala help raise more than $1,100. Another special treat of the evening was the “world premiere” of our video production class’s After School promo video. Working with Mike Fawcett as their instructor, these young videographers learned all about the art of video production: lighting, sound, script, staging, and editing. Their final product was well received and can be seen by visiting the SAD 70 webpage, and clicking on the link to the after school video.
“This Gala Evening was the perfect way to end a year of exceptional programming and to celebrate the talents of some pretty incredible students,” Sattler said. “Thank you to all who helped and attended to show your support for Mill Pond School’s 21st CCLC After School Program.”