SW Collins road race results

9 years ago

    CARIBOU, Maine — Forty-two runners and three walkers participated in the June 21 S.W. Collins 5K Road Race, with Curtis Wheeler of New Sweden and Gabrielle Naranja of Fort Kent capturing the overall titles.

Wheeler completed the course in 16 minutes and 11.9 seconds, while Naranja came in at 19:41.6 for the victory among women.
 Behind Wheeler in the top 10 were: second, Evan Graves, 16:41.1; third, Justin Fereshetian, 16:59.7; fourth, Thomas Beckum, 17:06.9; fifth, Lucas Kinney, 17:10.1; sixth, Seth Hubbard, 17:25.4; seventh, Paul Johnson, 17:27.4; eighth, Evan Desmond, 17:46.6; ninth, Isaiah Brown, 17:49.1; and 10th, Bradley Burlock, 18:03.6.
Naranja was 14th overall. The other top females were: Angela Ewings, 22:29.2; Teagan Ewings, 22:53.7; Julie Bouchard, 22:51.3; and Vicky Ouellette, 23:58.5.
First place in the walker’s division went to Guat Beckwith with a time of 50:00.1. Jane Dickison was second in 50:00.2 and Diane Sky third in 1:00:03.
 Age division winners were: 14-and-under female, Teagan Ewings; 14-and-under male, Kyle Boucher, 28:00; 15-18 male, Desmond; 19-29 female, Katie Corriveau, 35:08.7; male, Fereshetian; 30-39 female, Bouchard; 30-39 male, Graves; 40-49 female, Angela Ewings; 40-49 male, Steve Desmond, 20:13.9; 50-59 female, Bev Clark, 31:25.3; and 50-59 male, Carl Soderberg, 20:55.6.
A kids’ fun run was also held. Division winners were: 4 and under girls, Evelyn Roy; 4 and under boys, Brady Bailey; 5-6 girls, Breanna Royer; 5-6 boys, Owen Tetlow; 7-8 girls, Teanne Ewings; 7-8 boys, Isaac Staples; 9-10 girls, Kayley Bell; and 11-12 boys, Mason St. Peter. A total of 19 youths participated.