Offering a better future for Houlton

9 years ago

To the editor:
My name is Toni Gillotti, I am 18 years of age, and I want to be the next mayor of Houlton, Maine. Since Houlton currently has no mayor and is run by a council, I would like to petition the town. I would work as head of that council, I would provide insight on what decisions might be most useful to the town and the next generation. A fresh, new, young mind as leader may prove beneficial to our small town.

Before laughing off my proposal, let me just point out that there have been at least seven other cases where a person of my age has become mayor. Let me remind you also of the town in Alaska that has had a cat, Mr. Stubbs, as their mayor. Let me also tell you about the 4-year-old boy, Robert Tufts, who became mayor of a small town in Minnesota.
I believe that if these other young people, and cat, can succeed, then so can I. I don’t wish to bring any major changes, I don’t wish to run the town, I only hope to provide a better future for my generation and the ones following in our footsteps.
Toni Gillotti