BUSINESS FOCUS: The customer always comes first at Progressive Realty

     From Houlton to Long Lake and everywhere in-between, folks come to Progressive Realty to make the most significant sales and purchases of their lives.

      Just like each customer, every residential and commercial property has its own personality and style; the dedicated crew at Progressive Realty use their expertise to pair buyers with just the right buildings and homes, which they’ve done for more than 25 years.

     “We always put the customer first,” said Progressive Realty Owner Cathy Duffy-Cullins.

     There are six friendly faces at Progressive Realty ready to go above and beyond for the client, and they each bring their unique styles to The County’s real estate market.

     “We work great as a team, and we’re always on-call,” Cathy emphasized.

     Buying and selling a home can be a stressful time, but the experience Progressive’s caring staff brings to the process helps ease a lot of those concerns. They’ve helped customers pack up boxes, paint walls — even cut the grass to help lessen the load for those selling their homes and businesses, and that level of compassionate dedication keeps their mailbox filled with Christmas cards every December from customers who’ve long since moved away.

     Cathy bought her own home, nervously, about seven years ago and empathizes with folks looking for just the right place, and she understands the concerns people have when it comes to selling their family home.

     “It’s not about selling a house, it’s about making a home,” Cathy said. “It’s often the biggest purchase of their life and it’s a very important event.”

     With a long history of going the extra mile for customers, word of mouth often precedes the business and, as a result, it’s been a busy year for Progressive with the addition of Arik Jepson to our staff. He joins five other agents; Ann Jepson, Stephanie Fields Beaulieu, Ann McCarthy and Danielle Violette, as well as Cathy.

     Progressive Realty has a diverse group of listings appealing to all sizes, price ranges and styles.

     A trusted realtor in Aroostook County, it’s the Progressive Realty team’s compassion and determination that has allowed the business to expand its volume of properties and connect people with their perfect properties.

     Cathy said that sometimes a customer needs to see several houses before they can make a decision, while others find their dream house on the very first visit.

     “I always tell them that when they walk into the right house, they’ll know,” she explained.

     Progressive Realty clients repeatedly share with Cathy and the other agents how that “right-fit” approach to sales keeps the home-buying experience enjoyable — not a stressful burden.

     “They know we’re going to help however we can, and we love what we do,” Cathy said. “At the end of the day, I love my job.”

     Always moving toward the future, Cathy and her team at Progressive Realty are still upholding the same honored values that Progressive Realty founders Joanne and John Paul Cyr based the business on.

     “They taught me everything I know,” Cathy said.

     For more information on available properties or selling properties, stop by their Bennett Drive office, call 498-3848 or visit