Horrible dream is sickening reality

9 years ago

To the editor:

       Once again, I have awakened from a horrible dream in which our enemies were poised to strike. Then I realized it was not a dream, but a sickening reality. Those of us who are veterans can feel it in the pit of our stomachs as our enemies position themselves within and around us.

       While our country is distracted by cell phones, internal divisions and our eyes are placed on our southern borders and airports, the enemy has slipped in under the radar through our porous northern border and coastal ports.

       They have already established their spy and sleeper cell networks and their Trojan Horses (cargo containers) have arrived in place filled with weapons in strategic locations throughout America.

       They have tested our resolve, gauged our emergency response to cyberattacks and “other tests” and place their military brazenly close to ours near our own airspace and coastal waters. Now, while they install mobile missile units just south of Florida in sympathetic nations, they have our communications and defense satellites and power grid in their sights awaiting the order to launch an all out multi-prong attack upon us.

       But then again, maybe our enemies are waiting to see just what else Obama can do for them with the flick of his pen as he prances around to see what other damage he can do to our national security before he leaves office.

       May God have mercy on America and awaken her people, in time to defend and save her.

Anita Louise