From our Files: Headlines from 100 years of local news

9 years ago

100 Years Ago – October 6, 1915

Dad’s paper — My father says the paper that he reads ain’t put up right, he finds a lot of fault, he does, perusin’ it at night. He says there ain’t a single thing in there worth while to read, and that it doesn’t print the kind of stuff the people need. He tosses it aside and says it’s strictly “on the bum” — but you should hear him holler when the paper doesn’t come.

He reads about the weddin’s and he snorts like all get out. He reads the social doin’s with a most derisive shout. He says they make the papers for the wimmen folk alone. He’ll read about the parties and he’ll fume and fret and groan. He says of information, it don’t contain a crumb, but you ought to hear him holler when the paper doesn’t come. He’s always first to grab it, and he reads it plumb clear through. He doesn’t miss an item or a want ad, that is true. He says, “They don’t  know what we want, them durn newspaper guys. I’m going to take a day sometime and go and put ‘em wise. Sometimes it seems as though they must be blind and deaf and dumb.” But you ought to hear him holler when the paper doesn’t come.

75 Years Ago – October 3, 1940

Houlton fire department in action — There  was plenty of work for Houlton’s firemen Tuesday night when they were called to two fires within two hours. The more spectacular blaze was at the old Radigan House in Military street. Starting near some sheathing paper on the back porch, the flames soon engulfed the entire back of the building. Also on Military Street, a fire damaged the east end of the Whittier block. Had this fire started in the middle of the night, the entire building might well have been destroyed.

Toured White Mountains — Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Grant and Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Lunt left Thursday the past week for a trip along the main coast and through the White mountains, returning Sunday evening. They ascended Mt. Washington, the top of which was covered with snow.

50 Years Ago – September 30, 1965

191 miles now open — Sections of completed Interstate Highway now make it possible for the motorist in Maine to use 191 miles of safe, modern expressways all the way from Kittery to Orono, by following the Turnpike and sections of I-95 built by the SHC.

Town may shutter its horse stables — Horse owners have been given until November 1 to rent space in the Town-owned stables at Community Park, with the understanding that unless sufficient horses are quartered there this winter the stables will be closed.

25 Years Ago – September 19, 1990

Malone is state’s top cop — Police Chief Darrell Malone isn’t just Houlton’s top cop any longer. He’s Maine’s too. Malone is in the first month of a one-year term as president of the state’s Police Chiefs Association that expires next September. He will preside over a number of activities, but nearest to his heart will be next year’s dedication of a monument to slain law enforcement officers.

New releases — Titles available for rent this week include “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “The Guardian”, “The Stingiest Man in Town”, “Back Stab, Rude Dog & the Sweebs: Dweebin Around in a Pink Cadillac”, and “Nestor, the Long Eared Christmas Donkey.”

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KING AND QUEEN HOPEFULS — Houlton High School candidates for Queen’s Court are, from left, freshmen, Courtney Collins and Mark Chapman; sophomores Vanessa Folsom and Michael Miller; juniors Janel Peabody and Aaron Green; and seniors Carolyn Arndt and Dean Clark.