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8 years ago

100 Years Ago – October 21, 1915

Revoked — Over 60 automobile drivers’ licenses have been revoked by Secretary of State John E. Bunker under the new law which went into effect this year and which provides the Secretary of State may revoke operators’ licenses for “drunkenness and fast driving.”

“Good riddance to the bad rubbish” — The hoboes that have infested Houlton and other Aroostook towns during the summer are leaving for new pastures as fast are they are able to beat the railroad. A good work yard with plenty of work is what is needed to shoo those fellows away from the “garden of Maine.”

75 Years Ago – October 17, 1940

First in line — Gerald Farden was the first in line at the Houlton courthouse on Monday to receive his registration card for the draft. He was one of millions of others from all over the nation on Wednesday to complete his registration.

New kind of driving test — Houlton’s State police officer, Forrest W. Clifford, seemed to enjoy himself as he rode about the business district last night in his new three-wheel motorbike. The compartment will be fitted with shelves for candy, drinks and other articles.

50 Years Ago – October 21, 1965

Ricker growing — Ricker College is continuing to grow rapidly, both in size and in quality. A total of 475 students are enrolled at Ricker this year, a gain of 112 over last year. The college has shown a 438 percent increase since the 1957-58 school year when enrollment was 89.

25 Years Ago – October 17, 1990

Repairing Katahdin High — The SAD 25 Board of Directors accepted a list of facilities study committee to move forward with concept development for repairing structural deficiencies and related systems of Katahdin High School. The committee included looking at replacing the roof and electrical system, heating system and demountable walls with permanent walls.

Sprinkler system — The Houlton Town Council accepted a bid for the installation of a sprinkler system at the Millar arena, and voted to purchase a front-end loader to use at the landfill. The installation of the sprinkler system is one of several improvements, including a planned increase for seating capacity for its auto and craft shows.