Solution to affordable housing shortage

To the editor:

     Maine has a significant shortage of affordable homes for our older residents, and our housing stock, like our population, is among the oldest in the nation. We now have the opportunity to address this issue and expand the availability of acceptable, affordable, safe and convenient housing so that more Maine residents can remain in their own communities as they age.

     The Senior Affordable Housing Bond will be Question 2 on the statewide ballot this coming Tuesday, November 3. The bill would authorize the sale of $15 million in general obligation bonds to be used in combination with more than $22 million in leveraged funds. Together, the funds would support the construction of affordable, highly energy efficient homes for Maine’s seniors in strategic locations across the state.

     In addition, the funds would support the repair and weatherization of existing homes across the state. Four projects would be slated for Maine counties with populations under 100,000 so Aroostook would likely be on that list.

     This initiative won bipartisan support in both houses of the Legislature. It has been endorsed by a wide range of organizations representing a multitude of sectors including aging, housing, construction and economic development.

     Let’s not miss our chance to invest in an effective solution to our housing shortage. Please vote “Yes” on Question 2 on the Statewide Ballot on Election Day.

Gail Maynard