Quality of care

9 years ago

To the editor:

I am simply amazed at the quality and care — let alone the tender consideration — all of the staff at Madigan Rehab gave me while I was a guest at their establishment. Yes, I said guest because every litting thing I wanted or needed, they went above and beyond their call of duty to do. Even though it is their duty to care for all of their patients, they look at their duty in a different light.

I have asked them all personal questions and am again amazed at their answers. From the youngest, who has been here a short time, to to the oldest caring veterans, the answers to my questions were the same.

Why do they do such a difficult job from cleaning bodily fluids to putting up with grumpy people? They could be doing something else. However everyone from the young personal care attendants to the CNAs, nurses and doctors, all responded that they enjoy their jobs no matter how difficult or grim.

Being born at Madigan Hospital I am especially proud to call Houlton my veteran and military-friendly “home.”

Buster Prosser