Island Falls Senior Citizens

8 years ago

The Island Falls Senior Citizens met at the municipal building Jan. 21, 2016 with 14 members attending.

After our usual potluck lunch, the business meeting was opened by president Rich Camire. The usual form of opening was observed: the Lord’s Prayer, flag salute and secretary and treasurer’s reports.

Members discussed the possibility of replacing the bag game with a new activity on the first Thursday of the month, and will discuss this further at the next meeting on Feb. 4, 2016.

After the business meeting, we played several games of Bingo with four members sharing the big prize.

Members present were Jeanne Clements, Ellie Peck, Darrell and Sherry Hartin, Louise Butcher, Rich Camire, Dennis Boone, Donna Baker, Mary Pipes, Edith Dwyer, Gloria Noyes, Mary Lawler, Marilyn Noyes and Terry Dwyer.

The next meeting will be held Feb. 4, and we will play the bag game at that meeting. New members are always welcome.