Happy Losers

8 years ago

By Shirley Sides

On May 4, 2016, the first Wednesday of the month, the weight group called The Happy Losers held their weekly meeting. Jackie Pratt, the leader, opened the meeting and welcomed members, followed by the pledge and roll call.

Eleven members weighed in and nine attended the meeting. Shirley Sides was the loser of the week.

The leader led the program for the week. Her topic was on an article called “How To Lower Blood Sugar.” Coffee is a new fountain of youth. Hamburger helps take off weight. Green tea lowers stress. This was interesting news that will probably change in a few weeks.

Mary Pipes’ 60th birthday party that was held at the Slice restuarant in Island Falls on Thursday night, May 5. Family and friends attended the party.

Attending were John and Sandra Anderson, Bill Pipes and friend, Andrea Pipes and Jamie, Terri Lyons and grandchildren Brad and Allie, Janet Rockwell, Jim and Lori Sholler, Tim and Joan Sides, Chris Sides and Amanda Sirois, and Shirley Sides. Mary enjoyed the party and had lots of gifts.

All are welcome to the group, which meets every Wednesday at the United Baptist Church vestry in Island Falls, with weigh-ins from 8-8:30 a.m. The meeting usually starts at 8:30.