Jobs for Maine Grads finish year with awards event

8 years ago
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GOOD STUDENTS — The Hodgdon Jobs for Maine Grads group held an awards ceremony on March 19 at the school. Several students were lauded for individual efforts. Taking part are, front row from left, JMG Specialist Joe Fagnant, Leigha Jurson, Lacota Hanson, Ashley Little, Alex Nightingale, Jesse Sturtevant, Jasity Stoddard, Kaya Silliboy, Michael Ariza, Dakota Smith, Reed Langlois and Austin Sennett; and back, Kathryn Rediker, Hannah Elland, Dana Brown, Noah Nash, Branden Pitts, Austin Albert, TJ Farrar, Hunter Trecartin, Hunter Muncey and Frank Dorr. 


HODGDON — On March 19, Hodgdon High School’s Jobs for Maine’s Graduates (JMG) students hosted their closing ceremonies. The students presented a special program that highlighted their year of work including completed curriculum, community service, and special events.


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DEDICATION — Sophomore Kathryn Rediker, left, receives the PRIDE Award from JMG specialist Joe Fagnant for her outstanding service and dedication to the Hodgdon JMG program.  

The opening was done by President Branden Pitts and several other seniors that highlighted how Hodgdon’s JMG motto PRIDE guided their activities. The letters of PRIDE are represented by the words Participate, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence. The goal of Hodgdon JMG is to take Pride in all that they do, and also to take each individual word and apply it to a student’s personal growth.


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PRESENTATION — Jessica Stubbs, middle, Hodgdon High School After School Program Coordinator receives the “Jumpstart Our Youth” grant for $1,000 from Branden Pitts and Jasity Stoddard. The grant will support students in the after school program in putting on their annual community wide health fair.

As part of the ceremony, JMG students presented the Jumpstart Our Youth grant award to the Hodgdon High School After School Program. Jessica Stubbs, coordinator of the program, thanked the students for their grant and also their dedication to serving the community. The Jumpstart Our Youth grant is a partnership with the Unity Foundation so that every JMG program can study and research philanthropy. Through the JOY grant, students research, interview, and then give away $1,000 to a local non profit organization that serves youth. The Hodgdon High School After School Program will use the grant to support their popular community wide health fair.

Several special awards were also presented including Outstanding Community Service to TJ Farrar, Frank Dorr, and Hannah Elland. Jobs for America’s Graduates Certificates were awarded for completion of National JAG curriculum and work readiness skills to Branden Pitts, Jasity Stoddard, Dana Brown, Hannah Elland, Austin Albert, Alex Nightingale, and Jesse Sturtevant. The top award of the evening, known as the Pride Award went to Kathryn Rediker for her dedication to all JMG activities, her personal growth, commitment, and leadership.


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AWARD — JMG North Region Manager Ed Leeman, left, congratulates Joe Fagnant, Hodgdon JMG Specialist on receiving the Unum and Portland Sea Dogs’ “Starting Nine” teacher award. Fagnant will be honored at a Sea Dogs game on June 10.  

The evening came to a close with a special presentation by JMG North Region Manager Ed Leeman. Leeman recognized the outstanding work done by the students and also their specialist, Joe Fagnant.

He then surprised the students and Fagnant by explaining that he and principal Mary Harbison nominated “Mr. F” for a special award and he was there to deliver the good news. Due to his creativity and innovations in the classroom, Fagnant was named as one of Unum’s and the Portland Sea Dogs “Starting 9.”

Nine Maine teachers will be recognized during the Maine Teachers’ Hall of Fame recognition ceremony on Friday, June 10 at a Sea Dogs Game at Hadlock Field. Fagnant will receive tickets to the game for his family and friends, be recognized in a special pre-game ceremony where the honorees will throw out the first pitch, and receive a check for $500.

All Hodgdon JMG students were recognized for completion of JMG curriculum and their work hosting special events as part of their Career Association.

JMG Career Association officers recognized for their service were Branden Pitts, President; Hannah Elland, Community Service; Dana Brown, Treasurer; Jasity Stoddard, Secretary; and JMG Executive Council members: Austin Albert, Lacota Hanson, Kathryn Rediker.

Other JMG Students recognized for their work were: Michael Ariza, Frank Dorr, TJ Farrar, Dylan Finnemore, Matthew Horton, Leigha Jurson, Reed Langlois, Ashley Little, Nathaniel Mooers, Hunter Muncey, Anna Neher, Alex Nightingale, Noah Nash, Dylan Schillinger, Austin Sennett, Kaya Silliboy, Dakota Smith, Jesse Sturtevant, Hunter Trecartin.

Jobs for Maine’s Graduates (JMG) is a statewide nonprofit that works within Maine’s public schools to help students reach their fullest potential. JMG serves more than 5,000 students from grades 6-12, in 85 programs throughout Maine, including several colleges.