McElwee seeking third term

Asks support of District 149 voters in her bid for Legislature

     State Representative Carol A. McElwee (R-Caribou) is seeking the support of District 149 citizens in her bid to serve a third term in the Maine Legislature.

     “It remains an honor and pleasure serving the good people of Caribou, New Sweden and Westmanland,” said Rep. McElwee. “I appreciate the faith my constituents have placed in me to be their voice at the State House when it comes to such pressing issues as the State’s growing drug epidemic, energy costs, tax conformity, welfare reform, and how best to utilize surplus State revenue.”

     McElwee is currently a member of the Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry, which has a large contingent of Aroostook lawmakers. During her first term in office, she was one of 13 legislators on the Health and Human Services Committee.

     “The farming industry contributes a great deal to our area economy, bringing good paying jobs to citizens and locally grown produce to our tables,” McElwee commented. She added, “Overseeing food safety, pesticides regulation, and nutrient management allows me the prospect to help our local farmers thrive while promoting good land use practices.”

     Seeing so many constituents impacted by business closures and downsizing, McElwee’s persistent focus is on attempting to find solutions to those pressing problems that are stifling growth and causing commerce and industry great struggles to survive. The representative strongly believes that it is essential for policymakers, on both sides of the aisle, to gather courage and make the necessary decisions to bring about change that will foster sustained investment.

     “As you know, our economy is still in fragile condition. Efforts need to continue to implement sound policies that will help employers, both large and small, succeed and thus create promising opportunities for the current and future generations,” said McElwee. “I stand by my record of supporting initiatives that will have a positive, lasting impact, and I hope you will allow me the privilege of continuing that work by casting your ballot for me next November,” she added.

     During her time in office, McElwee has voted to reform welfare, invest in education, and for responsible spending of your hard-earned money, including increasing the amount stored in the State’s Budget Stabilization Fund. She is also known for her support of Maine veterans by which she has been recognized by the American Legion as a Legislator of the Year.