Electricity users to see rates rise

8 years ago

BANGOR — Customers in the Maine Public electricity district will soon see transmission rates creep up by around a dollar a month.

The annual adjustment for transmission rates has been set for Emera Maine customers, effective July 1, company officials said. The impact of the 2016 adjustment for a typical residential customer, using 500 kilowatt hours, will be an increase of about $1.07 per month in the Maine Public District, and about $1.26 per month in the Bangor Hydro District .

“Much of the transmission system in Aroostook County was built around the same time,” remarked Alan Richardson, Emera Maine president and COO. “After serving customers reliably for over 50 years, investments are needed to meet the electricity delivery needs of these communities.”

According to Richardson, Emera Maine invests in its transmission infrastructure to ensure safe and reliable service for customers. The company maintains systems and equipment so that they can be operated safely until the end of their useful life.

To continue to provide safe and reliable service, aging equipment must be rebuilt or updated, which contributes to changes in transmission rates.

Transmission rates are regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and updated annually based on an approved formula. Transmission costs may go up or down during each annual adjustment, depending on transmission system operating and maintenance costs, the amount invested in replacing aging infrastructure, and various other factors.

The new rates will be posted at www.emeramaine.com as of July 1.