Purple Hat ladies

Charlotte Marley, Special to The County
8 years ago

The Purple Hat ladies met at Taste of China for their June meeting with 15 members and guests attending. June birthdays were recognized and Happy Birthday was sung led by Delores Locke.

The drawings for the month were won by Berniece Campbell and Denise Clark. To honor Flag Day a reading about Our Flag was read telling that: F is for freedom; L is for love of God and country; A is for allegiance to America; and G is for Old Glory.

The “no hat” fine was restarted. “I’m not Betty Crocker” was read by Cindy Gray. Our next meeting will be at Grammy’s in Linneus.

Attending were: Sandra Holmes, Wannetta Townsend, Marie Gillotti, Cindy Gray, Delores Locke, Mildred Gagnon, Berniece Campbell, Joanne Scott, Denise Clark, Arlene Friel, Sandy Wyman, Jackie Colella, Charlotte Marley and guest Cariss Silvestri.