Town may get informational kiosk

8 years ago

     LIMESTONE, Maine — Julie Weston, who recently moved to Limestone to start a bookstore/coffee shop with her husband Brian, recently pitched the idea of utilizing unused land on Main Street for an informational kiosk.

     Weston, also a member of the town’s Chamber of Commerce, said the idea came to fruition after the group discussed uses for the vacant land.

     The kiosk will contain brochures from the area, information about local events, and a town bulletin board for announcements.

     “The idea is to promote local tourism,” Weston said during an Oct. 26 Selectpeople’s meeting at the town office. “It would not be manned, but it would be opened and closed every day.”

     The town’s Chamber of Commerce has two ideas for placement: the area where Pete’s Place once stook or the lot between Grammy’s Treasures and the former American Legion Hall.

     Weston added that she was pretty sure she “could get a grant for the shed itself.”

     “There is a lot to consider here,” said board Chairman Fred Pelletier, “but it sounds like a good idea. There are just a lot of pieces that haven’t been discussed, like winter maintenance and the location.”

     Board members Tom Albert and Melissa Devoe expressed support for the idea.

     “I see no problem with it,” said Albert. “As far as leasing is concerned, it’s ours and the Chamber is part of the town.”

     “I’m fine with it, but I think the little details need to be worked out with the town manager, the Chamber, and Public Works,” said Devoe.

     Selectperson Steven Beaulieu also supported the idea, and suggested that Loring Job Corps may wish to contribute labor.

     Though no formal motions were made, Selectpeople and Town Manager Fred Ventresco set out to hold discussions regarding the small details and move ahead with the proposal.