Ranked choice voting strengthens democracy

7 years ago

To the editor:
Once again, Maine is in the position of providing important leadership to the nation by voting “Yes” on Question 5 and approving “Ranked Choice Voting” on November 8. We support Question 5 and we hope you will join with us in casting a “Yes” vote.

Should Question 5 pass, Maine would lead the nation by adopting this improved system of voting. Ranked Choice Voting will improve upon the way Maine citizens now vote for five offices: Governor, U.S. Senator, U.S. House Representative, State Senator and State House Member.
Maine’s Ranked Choice Voting would give citizens the ability to rank candidates in order of preference from first to last. Any candidate with a majority of first choice rankings win. However, should no candidate receive a majority of votes, an ‘instant runoff’ tally takes place. Candidates in last place are eliminated and those ballots are reallocated based on those voters’ second choices. This process repeats, until a candidate wins with a majority.
Adopting Ranked Choice Voting promises to strengthen the democratic process, improve the tenor of election races and help the prospects of independent candidates outside of the two major parties.
In these days of polarized politics, Ranked Choice Voting, where it has already been instituted has developed a track record of more civil political campaigns and greater inclusiveness. Please vote “Yes” on Question 5.

Jim and Megan Gerritsen
Wood Prairie Family Farm