Bridge to be finished in early December

8 years ago

     STOCKHOLM, Maine — Earlier this year, CPM Constructors of Freeport began constructing a new bridge in Stockholm as part of an MDOT project to make Maine bridges safer.

     The span, located on Main Street and crossing the Little Madawaska River, is quickly shaping up to be safe for all-types of travel.

     According to CPM Superintendent Allen Drake, the goal is to get traffic over at least one lane of the bridge by Dec. 3 of this year.

     CPM Constructors installed precast concrete panels in late October. According to Drake, these panels are an efficient method of bridge building.

     “We set the panels on the bottom first, which are only three and a half inches thick,” said Drake. “Then we add another five and a half inches of concrete once the panels are installed. It really speeds up the process to go with precast panels.”

     On Nov. 10, Drake and his crew hope to install a deck on the new bridge. Once completed, the next step is to finish the earthwork necessary for vehicles to drive over the span.