Caribou High School seniors walk through former school halls

7 years ago

CARIBOU, Maine — Members of the Caribou High School Class of 2017 got in touch with their roots on May 31 as they walked through the halls of their former middle and elementary schools.

CHS Principal Travis Barnes said the event, which started last year, was inspired as a way “for our seniors to express their appreciation for teachers and administrators in the elementary and middle schools. Graduation is a momentous time for the seniors but also a time to reflect and show appreciation for all who supported them on their educational journey.”

The principal said the walk took place in all sending schools for CHS, located in Connor, Woodland, New Sweden, and Caribou.

Principal Cheryl Hallowell, who oversees both Teague Park and Hilltop elementary schools in Caribou, said she sees no reason why the tradition won’t continue in the coming years.

Hallowell first heard about the event last year when she taught second grade and Barnes sent an email to the teachers asking if they would be interested.

“We all thought it was a great idea,” Hallowell said. “We were all on board.”

Adding to the interest this year, “We have three moms here with graduating seniors,” she said.

Hallowell said the reaction from teachers and students was very positive last year, adding that there “was not one negative reaction.”

“Teachers could see students they had before, and it was really nice for our students to see that this is where they’ll be going as they progress through school. They could see the end result of their education, at least until they go to college.”

When last year’s seniors participated in the event, Hallowell said “it was a little emotional, they had changed quite a bit from the second grade.”

Hallowell said her elementary school students loved last year’s march, and they “recognized people they’d been on the bus with, as well as relatives.”

“For some of them, it may be their first experience seeing students wearing the cap and gown,” she said.