United we stand

Beverly Butt, Special to The County
7 years ago

To the editor:

I have absolutely had it. We are teaching our children not to be bullies and that there are consequences for bullying, not only for the receiver of the action but for the doer of the action. We have had too many children ending up with low self-worth, suffering assaults (verbal and physical), ending up killing themselves.

And yet, the U.S., the world and space are being bullied by a person in the White House claiming to be “president.” He is stepping all over First Amendment rights by stifling news media — it’s the media’s job to inform, correctly. By informing, the media is also protecting. If one of the Republican Party members goes against and publicly speaks out against a piece of legislation, they are threatened — Nevada. And let’s not forget what happened to James Comey. This bullying has to stop.

“President” claims media are faking news. “President” is the biggest faker of all. He puts something out on Twitter, then the next tweet is totally opposite of what was originally tweeted. He forgets what he puts out there? That showed big time on the election run. Promises, promises that will never be fulfilled — coal miners.

“President” claims a business person can run the country. That may be true someday — someone who has the best interests of U.S. and the world — not for themselves. It’s definitely not you, “President.” You are the worst example for that to happen.

The head of ethics in the White House has resigned, citing that some of the funds coming in are being funneled to “President’s” business organizations. Hmmm.

Maybe it’s time for another Reform Party. Maybe it’s time for another Impeachment Party. United we stand. Divided we fall.

Beverly Butt

Fort Fairfield