Snowmobile Trail Report for March 15, 2019

Gary Marquis, Special to The County
5 years ago

As I am writing this report the temperature is 42 degrees and sunny.  With the next couple of days being in the 40s and a little bit of rain on the way, most projects are going to take a few nights off from grooming.  This little warm-up will not hurt the 4 feet of snow that we have, and once the temps cool off clubs will be back at it.

The clubs and groomer operators have been very busy this year with the early start and all the storms that The County has endured.  Most projects up in The County have exceeded their grant allotment, so there have been clubs that are starting to cut down on grooming, so you might run into some not-so-perfect trails.  Please keep this in mind when riding if you are wondering why the trail might not be smooth. The good news is the state will be helping projects who have exceeded their hours. The state will help with fuel purchases from Jan. 1 through March 31.  

Please be respectful that the temps will be above freezing and spinning of tracks will increase the deterioration of the trails quickly.

CAUTION:  Deer are everywhere. They are being spotted in Caribou on trail 83B, In Ashland on ITS 85, and Portage on ITS 85.  Please keep an eye out all the time as we all know that deer live throughout this County. Also, watch for big game animals venturing out onto the trails as it is easier walking for them.


Soldier Pond is reporting that their trails are still in good shape and hope to be back out grooming on Sunday.

Washburn trails are holding up well and will be back out once temps drop.  They will be demoing a new Tucker 2000 and trail paver drag on Thursday.

Nordic Lakers groomed their trails on Thursday and are reporting good conditions.  Trail 81 down behind the Capital Hill area, please use caution as the water is starting to eat the edge of the trail.

Portage Lakers are reporting that they have been over their system and are seeing good conditions.  They will be back out on Sunday morning. Please use caution off the 105 intersection with ITS 90 as there is a logging operation; it is very well marked.

Caribou is reporting good conditions and have been over their entire system all week and will be back out once temps drop.  There is a new logging operation on ITS 90W just before the 105 trails. It is well marked.

Fort Kent is reporting that their trails are in excellent condition and are ready for a busy weekend.  They will be back out once the temps drop.

Eagle Lake is reporting good conditions and will be out once temps drop.

Fort Fairfield is reporting that they have been over everything the past two days and will go out again once temps drop.

Central Aroostook Snowmobile Club is reporting they have been over their ITS trails in the last 2 days. Rt. 70a and No. 9 Lake trail were in good shape, so they did not groom them.

Ashland is reporting they have groomed all their ITS trails as of Thursday afternoon and will be back out once temps drop.  There is still a lot of deer on ITS 85 between Ashland and Portage.

Allagash is reporting that they have groomed everything before the warm-up and will be back out once temps drop.

Frenchville is reporting their system all groomed as of Thursday morning and will wait until it gets colder.

Red Arrow has groomed everything and is waiting until colder temps.  Irving has plowed out a road on ITS 83 on the powerline South of the Coulombe Road.

Chapman Ridge Runners are reporting that they are in good shape.

Aroostook River Snowmobile club has groomed everything and waiting until temps drop.

Easton is still down and are reporting not the best conditions.  

Madawaska is reporting good conditions and has been doing double duty helping Grand Isle as they are still down.

Grand Isle is reporting that they are still down.  They groomed their entire system last night using Madawaska’s machine.  

Presque Isle Snowmobile club is reporting that they will be back out once temps drop.

Van Buren is reporting that they are in good shape and will be back out when temps drop.

Caswell is reporting they are in good shape.  Trail 100 to trail 94 remains closed. Trail 102 to trail 89 in the Connor area is now open.  Please use caution as they are going through a logging operation. Logging operation on trail 81A please use caution.


Oxbow-Masardis groomed ITS 85 and 86 on Monday and will be going back out once temps drop.

Benedicta Snow gang has groomed trails on Monday and Tuesday, they will be back at it once temps drop.

East Grand snowmobile club are reporting good conditions.

Shin Pond is reporting great conditions and will resume once temps drop.


Oxbow club will be having a club ride to Whipple’s Camp Sunday. Meet at the Clubhouse at 11:30.

Presque Isle Snowmobile Club will be hosting an antique sled ride and show this Sunday at the Clubhouse starting at 10.

Gateway Snowmobile Club will be having a breakfast March 17 from 7-11 at the Van Buren Community Center.  Snowmobiles will have access from ITS 81. Watch for signs.

Washburn Trailrunners Clubhouse will be open Friday and Saturday, 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., and Sunday, 7 a.m. to 12.

Saint Francis Sno Angels will have their clubhouse open for lunches starting at 11 a.m.

Pleasant Ridge Riders will be hosting a breakfast on March 17 from 7-10 at the clubhouse in Caswell.